Our knowledgeable coaches ensure your child will learn to swim well

King Swimmers coaches create a joyful, active experience, targeted to boost learning and swim skill mastery. Our individualized learning plans build confidence in water safety, basic swimming, and advanced swim skills.

Booking lessons is easy

Our coaches are always ready to create a joyful, active experience, targeted to boost swim skill mastery.

Water Smart Baby Swimming

Our Signature Course

Our gently taught baby lessons build confident water smart babies. Our coaches use a gentle and methodic style of teaching. They use songs, games and colorful toys to make learning fun for your little one. Together with their coach, your baby will learn the skills they may need in a water emergency. Our lessons teach babies to submerge with ease, kick, roll to float on their backs, reach for the wall and hold on, move along the wall to exit at the stair and much more .


Children of all ages

Learning through play is our way! Children love our swim lessons and parents love the results. Our colorful toys, and child sized swim equipment make learning to swim so much fun. You will notice the King Swimmers method is all about skill mastery. First we teach safety, then breath control, followed by mastering body positions, kicking and strokes.



We know you have a busy family life. Our concierge lesson services work great for all families.You can book lessons for all of your kids. We offer individual swim lessons back to back for the entire family. When possible we can offer semi- privates as well.


Grownups of All Ages

It’s never too late to learn to swim or improve your swimming skills. Your knowledgeable coach will explain everything including the science behind moving effortlessly in the pool. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you can learn to swim with a knowledgeable instructor. You can request to learn water safety and survival skills, fundamental skills like floating, breath control and treading water. Or go all the way and learn or improve your strokes, distance swimming, or any other water skill you want to learn!